Task 23
Task 23
SHC Task 23

Solar Energy Use in Large Buildings

Demonstration Buildings

Within the framework of Task 23 several demonstration projects have been developed. The objective of the demonstration buildings was to put the methods and tools developed within the Task into practice. All buildings were designed through an integrated design process, though not in each project all Task 23 methods and tools have been applied.

The following is a list of the demonstration buildings:

Canada: Mayo School, Mayo, Yukon
The integrated design process stimulates to go further than standard solutions.
Denmark: Community Centre, Kolding 
The client considered that the resulting good indoor climate and reduced energy operational cost were a direct result of using the IDP process.
Germany: Office building Deutsche Post, Bonn
This prestigious, forty-three story building provides a supportive working environment, individual control and operable windows, which could only be realised by an integrated design process.
Netherlands: Office building Rabobank, Zierikzee
The design team focused on minimising the HVAC-system by an adequately designed building envelope. This resulted in a design with an estimated reduction of energy consumption of about 30%.
Netherlands: Brigade staff building Royal Dutch Army, Oirschot
An inspiring actor appeared to be crucial for the design process

A description of the building design, the design process and the experiences of the design team are presented in the publication The Integrated Design Process in Practice.